Duties of Management Committee  

(a) To exercise such rights, authority & jurisdiction as deemed fit and duly approved by the Gen Body Meeting from time to time. 
(b) To liaison with SSGK authorities and interact so as to enhance the growth of the OBA. 
(c) Extend all help & advise for the betterment of OBA & students. 
(d) Coordinate the functioning of various chapters. 
(e) Call for OBA meet once in a year (on last Saturday of April every year) and lay annual financial statement. 
(f) Address the OBA meet & preside over the meeting. 
(g) To address the students and teachers of SSGK once a years. (h) To attend the Meet of OBA local chapters. 
(i) To frame policies with regards to OBA functioning.

Vice President:
(a) Publication of OBA journal once in a year. 
(b) Assist President OBA in carrying out his duties 
(c) Officiate as President in his absence. 
(d) To attend local chapters Meet on invitation.

(a) To Supervise preparations and circulations of points for the Gen Body Meeting (GBM) of OBA. 
(b) Publicity & Advertisement. 
(c) Update website regularly. 
(d) Issue circular and notification as and when reqd. 
(e) Publication of monthly/quarterly news letter as decided by Gen Body Meeting (GBM). 
(f) To attend local chapters Meet on invitation.

(a) Prepare annual financial statement. 
(b) Budget estimates for the coming years. 
(c) Maintaining Upkeep of accounts. 
(d) Ratification of expenditure by the Gen Body Meeting (GBM). 
(e) Arrange for audit once a year by CA. 
(f) Publication of directory once in a year. 
(g) To attend local chapters Meet on invitation.

Convenor is the Senior member of the teaching staff who enjoys the respect and confidence of the old boys. He is nominated by the Principal and confirmed by the General Body Meeting (GBM) of the association. He also acts as the working Secretary/Treasurer. He drafts all letters of the OBA, corresponds with the old boys, maintains liaison with Secretary, President and Treasurer, receives all remittances, deposits them in the bank, Issue receipts, maintains accounts with the help of the Coordinator who is responsible for smooth functioning of OBA.

Co opted Members:
Ex officio Headmaster, Register and Accountant will be the Co-opted member. They will help the convenor in the smooth functioning of the OBA.

Will be elected during the OBA meet. He will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of functioning of OBA at school and OBA management.