Disqualification of Members of Management Committee  

1. The members of the management will deemed to be disqualified based on any one of the following:-

(a) Voluntarily resignation by the members. 
(b) On account of Misconduct to be voted out by 2/3 of the OBA members present at Gen Body Meeting (GBM). 
(c) If convicted by court of law. 
(d) Death/insanity. 
(e) Medical conditions.

2. In the event of the occurrences of any vacancy in the office of the President OBA by reasons of death, resignation, or removal or other wise, Vice President will act as President until the date on which a new President is elected. The Vice President will have all the powers of President and entitled to emoluments, allowances and privileges as may be determined by Gen Body Meeting (GMB) of OBA. For the period while he is so acting or discharging the function of President. Any other vacancy on the above grounds will be tilled by other members as nominated by President/Vice President.

3. Language. The official language of OBA shall be HINDI in “Devnagari” script. However, English language shall continue to be used for purpose of the OBA correspondence which it was being used immediately before the adoption of his constitution. However, efforts will be made to make the transition from English to Hindi progressively.

4. Chapters. Each chapter will be generally be organised on the pattern as per or as per schedule I, subject to the modification as deemed fit by the local chapter’s management committee.

5. The duties of the management committee of local chapters will be same towards management of local chapter as that of the main body. For OBA The local chapters will report to main chapters i. e OBA main body.

6. All chapters will endeavour to meet minimum once a quarter and forward the proceeding of the meeting to the main OBA body.

7. Gen Body Meeting (GBM) would be held once in a year. Gen Body Meeting (GBM) venue is to be decided by management committee. All representatives of the chapters & maximum members are expected to attend. Agenda points will be circulated well in advance by the convenor similarly points from any member of chapters should reach the Convenor at least two months in advance.

8. The minutes of the meeting will be circulated to all chapters and all chapters will ensure that all members of the chapter has an access to the minutes of the meeting.

9. All chapters to account fully all the revenue contribution made by the members. Any revenue collected will be forwarded to main body through draft at the earliest. Monetary contribution by the members will only be made for specific purpose duly endorsed by the President main body and later ratified by Gen Body Meeting (GBM).

10. The accounts and other documents will be subject to inspection/scrutiny by any member at any time. Total transparency will be maintained in the accounting procedure. All accounts will be audited annually by a CA.