The OBA shall be a free & voluntary Association of ex students those who have passed out in the past or will be passing out from SSGK in future .Retired teachers, Principlas and Headmasters/ Registrars will be honoured with automatic grant of Honoray Membership of OBA. The organization of OBA is specified in schedule I. OBA as such will be a registered body with in the scope of company’s act/societies registration.

Membership of OBA

The consititution will extend to any territory/states within India to which the ex students belong to. If the ex students happen to migrate to any foreign country in that case such foreign country may also be associated. The membership will be on voluntarily basis and for life. Fees for the life membership will to be decided by OBA management committee and will be paid at the of becoming member initially and is non refundable. OBA management committee will have the right to admit new members or terminate the membership to any person subject to approval of the Gen Body Meeting, GBM .The Application format is specified in schedule II.

Rights of Members

1. By merely being the student ex student of SSGK does not confer for the right to membership of OBA.

2. Each member will have the right to vote on any proposal or issue during GBM.


1. No member of OBA will form or indulge in union activities. 

2. No union will be formed overtly or covertly. 

3. Any other restriction as deemed fit by the OBA management committee duly approved by the Gen Body Meeting.


1. To maintain a link between the old students and the Alma-mater.

2. To recapture, maintain and nurture the values and traditions imbibed while in the School.

3. To develop and foster a family feeling befitting alumni of a common educational institution.

4. By precept and practice set example worthy of emulation by the junior students.

5. To generate and evolve policy methods by which the ex-students help in the healthy growth of their Alma-mater.

6. To motivate students to join Armed forces and other coveted walks of life.