Vision II - Making OBA Strong  

An attempt has now been made to put OBA strongly on the path of self reliance well managed, well organized and vibrant body which could create a sense of strong bonding amongst the ex students of SSGK. Unfortunately the OBA has stagnated a bit too long in achieving any thing worth while. I am confident that it is very much possible and can materialize in next 5 to 8 year. 

The next question that comes to the mind is how can it be made possible . We have to build and strengthen OBA infrastructure in an all round manner in big way. Therefore we should build around our existing strength i.e vast pool of talented ex Ghorakhalian. WE should concentrate on development of key area, namely fostering a strong feeling of belongingness to one’s alma mater, development of organization and infrastructure, association and interaction with the students with a view to motivate them to achieve their aims. The common link required to bring, this transformation is the human resources of the OBA to meet these objectives.


  • The means the vision should become a part of OBA transcending the management committee present and the future. To make this happen several action are required. An important element of these efforts is to develop adequate funds to enable further creative development.

  • We believe as members of OBA to shed our cynicism and initiate concrete action to realize the second vision. The first vision, seeded around 1970, was to from an organization for the ex students. The second one is to make this organization self reliant, strong bonding, self contained in terms op infrastructure, organization and management. Our successful action will lead to further action bringing the vision much closer to reality perhaps in 5-8 yrs from now. We may even be judged as having been cautious and conservative. We will be happy if the action taken proves that we could have been still bolder in advocating a faster march toward achieving the 2nd vision.

  • I have had the benefit of private conversation with many Ghorakhalians, in all these I observed one striking feature A number of ex Ghorakhalian, those who are in powerful positions in Govt, Industry business and academia seem to lack the will to work or do something worthwhile for the OBA. They would like others to do or initiate action for the wellbeing of the OBA. It is not a good sign.

  • Even after 43 years of existence, OBA has not reached any where near being a worthwhile association. All of us have to be clear that no body is going to hold us together. That is where our hope lies for the realization of the second vision.

  • Evolution of Vision 2015

  • The panel and task forces (Various chapters) to consider the driving forces and impending factors in their own areas and provide suggestions for speedy action.

  • The panel and task forces to provide direction for collective initiative towards achievement of vision 2015.

  • Provide a strong basis for policy framework and investment towards generation of funds & development of infrastructure.

  • Contribute to the development of an integrated policy both at OBA & chapter’s level and maintain cross linkages and input flow between panel and various chapters. (Task Force)

  • Methodology of Evolution of Vision 2015

  • Economics

  • Raising of funds

  • Social welfare Schemes

  • Introduction of various incentive to the students & OBA members

  • Introduction of various trophies in various discipline for the Boys of SSGK

  • Creation of infrastructure at OBA Complex

  • Management of OBA Complex

  • OBA Constitution

  • Origination of OBA at chapter level

  • Other innovative ideas

  • For each Task Force (Chapter) submit the report/Questionnaire

  • Panel

  • Some select interviews by the panel

  • Panel Recommendation

  • Presentation of findings by the panel to the OBA management committee

  • Realising the Vision

  • Somehow over the years we have developed a habit of low priority to actual action on ground. Often people are keen on getting huge publicity in the news paper or electronic media while announcing their programmes or policies. Public memory is short. No body bothers to ask whether something is being done to implement then even after a laps of considerable period. Still there are a number of person who do keep pushing against heavy odds to do something concrete. Because of them, despite our missing out on a large number of big opportunities, there is some progress in our association. We would like to see that in the coming years actual achievement should far exceed what we have been able to convey in this document.

  • Let us have a brief overview of the vision which we envisage for our association:-

    To create a strong OBA body with strong bonding, self reliant and self contained in terms of infrastructure, organization and management.

  • To celebrate of Golden Jubilee of SSGK in 2015.

  • To integrate the OBA fully with SSGK.

  • To raise adequate funds to enable further creative developments.

  • Conclusion

    The attainment of strong OBA body with strong bonding, self reliant, self contained in terms of infrastructure, organization and management by 2015, does not mean that we can rest on our laurels. It is the endless pursuit of well being of all our members. Only people with many embodied skills and knowledge and with ignited minds can be ready for such a long term vision. We believe that it is possible to develop our association to reach such a state, provided we can follow a steady path and make available to members and the student of SSGK the benefit of change all through their lives.