Realising the Vision  

  1. Somehow over the years we have developed a habit of low priority to actual action on ground. Often people are keen on getting huge publicity in the news paper or electronic media while announcing their programmes or policies. Public memory is short. No body bothers to ask whether something is being done to implement then even after a laps of considerable period. Still there are a number of person who do keep pushing against heavy odds to do something concrete. Because of them, despite our missing out on a large number of big opportunities, there is some progress in our association. We would like to see that in the coming years actual achievement should far exceed what we have been able to convey in this document.

  2. Let us have a brief overview of the vision which we envisage for our association:-

    1. To create a strong OBA body with strong bonding, self reliant and self contained in terms of infrastructure, organization and management.

    2. To celebrate of Golden Jubilee of SSGK in 2015.

    3. To integrate the OBA fully with SSGK.

    4. To raise adequate funds to enable further creative developments.